Grassroots Art Center

Robert 'Bob' Fredericks

On display
year round

Bob Fredricks grew up with his family mantra being, 'If you want something, you better know how to make it.' Fredericks lives close to St. Louis, MO. He learned to cut boards and hammer nails before he started school.

Bob says, "The only art class I took was in Junior High, but I spent most of the time in the Principal's office and out in the hall."

Fredericks soon found that carving was his passion. He now calls himself a Contemporary Whimsy Bottle Folk Artist.

Bottles range in size from quart to 3 gallons with very detailed figures placed inside the bottles. Bob's topics for bottle whimsy ranges from Bill Clinton's office, to a spoof on Leonardo da Vinci's, The Last Supper painting, to Hell and Heaven.

He has also created many large outdoor concrete sculptures as part of his yard environment.

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