Grassroots Art Center

Barbara McCreery

On display
year round

Barbara McCreery has a love of plants and worked many years as a landscape specialist. Then one day she began her walk into the shiny, colorful world of sequins.

A friend said to Barbara, "I've got these unusual sea shells and I want you to do something creative with them." Barbara said, "Do you want me to glue them on a frame?" The friend just laughed. The challenge had been laid down and Barbara spent months creating a large 30" x 15" display box called the "Underwater Bakery."

There are two mermaids underwater preparing all sorts of delicious sequin covered fresh bakery items. The friend's seashells of course are included in the collage. Oscar, her husband, is an avid "dumpster diver" and quite often discovers small miniature items that are just perfect for a tableau created by Barbara.

She prefers to create 3-dimensional art works that tell a narrative story. She refers to them as "little sculptures." Some of the names of the boxed art are "Spiced Middle Eastern Lamb with Apricots," "Eternal Baker", and her favorite "Dinner at Mary's."

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