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During his retirement years, Edward 'Ed' Ernest Root (deceased) arrayed his farmstead south of Lucas with glass and rock studded concrete monuments and festoons of crepe paper flowers and shrines. In 1937 Root overturned his car, breaking his hip. After his recovery from this accident, Root spent nearly 20 years assembling his concrete sculpture garden as a pastime.

Mosaic sculptures sparkled and glistened, scattered randomly unexpectedly displayed around his rural mailbox and farmstead. Ed's sculptures were fascinating not only for their visual appeal but also for the time period they evoke. Root took the available commonplace materials and turned them into sculptures. Refuse of the mid-20th century such as doornobs, china dishes, rocks, Model T rims, brown glass Clorox bottles, metal bunnies, marbles, mirrors, Milk of Magnesia bottles and even plastic barrettes decorated his concrete pieces.

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