Grassroots Art Center

Garden of Isis


Mri-Pilar arrived as a stranger at Lucas, KS in 2002 with a bold vision to transform the 'Deeble House' into a recycled art installation. The Garden of Isis, named by Pilar, is an original, eccentric 21st century interior environment created with "Unclocks and Rebarbs."


Pilar transformed the walls and ceilings of this 1906 home with silver insulation and Mylar. Every discarded item for the past 30 years that ended up in a trash heap, dumpster or second hand store has been resurrected and given rebirth at the Garden of Isis.

Her artwork covers nearly every inch of space on the walls as well as parts of the floor. It's woven together by silver slinkys in seven rooms of the house. About 2008, she created the Isis Chapel room and converted one of the closets into the Isis Grotto.

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