Grassroots Art Center

Postrock Limestone Courtyard


After more than two years of planning, fund-raising, carving, scraping, hauling and planting, the Postrock Limestone Courtyard now stands proudly at the back of the Grassroots Art Center, inviting visitors to enjoy the artistry in native stone which is so much a part of the local landscape.

The stone speaks eloquently of the resilient first settlers who were undaunted by the absence of trees and learned to cut out the abundant stone for fences, laid up hasty shelters on their homestead claims and then used the honey-colored stone to proclaim a permanent stake in the land with good solid barns, bridges, homes and churches which have stood for more than a hundred years.

An army of volunteers manned the shovels and hoses to complete the landscaping in the spring of 2002. Forty thousand gallons of water later, a green carpet of buffalo grass hugs the ground, tall prairie grasses wave along the row of stone fence posts, and prairie coneflowers and Kansas gayfeather nod approval of their new surroundings.


Wendell Cowan, volunteer tour docent

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