Grassroots Art Center

What is ART? Any kind of Art! (OUTSIDER ART?) Think about it … OK?

What I’ve learned … Some ideas and thoughts!

by Richard J. Bay

Re-planted in the Midwest again!

People older and wiser than me have written and said:

Hausman (1990) said that,” … Art needs to be understood contextually; it is part of an individual’s socially constructed reality”

Lowenfeld and Brittain (1947) Have stated that, “…the production of technically excellent art products may be far removed from the real expressive need of the producer”. Expanding on this idea individuals learn through their social interactions (e.g. meeting others, visiting places, dreams, experiences the mind takes part in). They go on to say that when people (ANY OF US!) combine our dialogues (Talk and Tell Others!) with visual interpretations of the world (What all ARTISTS DO!), such meaning making defines their beliefs.